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Think all tires are the same? Think again.
We put our tires through a series of rigorous tests at a world-class facility to equip you with the information you need to choose the perfect tire for you.

Our test data was analyzed in four key areas:
Wet Performance, Dry Performance, Fuel Economy and Comfort.

Why & how we test video

You may not always put your tires to the test, but when you do, you'll be glad we did too. Learn how we test our tires under a variety of challenging conditions.

  • Dry Performance Tests

    Dry performance testing was conducted in two key areas: braking and handling.

  • Wet Performance Tests

    Our wet tests included wet braking, hydroplaning, wet grip and handling.

  • Fuel Economy Performance Tests

    Tires can affect a vehicle's fuel efficiency, based on the amount of energy required to keep the tires spinning.

  • Comfort Performance Tests

    Vehicles were driven on different types of surfaces to measure cabin noise and ride comfort.

Canadian Tire's
Warranty Program

All tires purchased, installed and balanced at Canadian Tire are covered by our Tire Care Guarantee*

Optional Tire Care Guarantee with Replacement Advantage offers five years of free tire replacements.
*Terms and conditions apply. Please ask your Service Advisor for details or visit for more info.


Select by vehicle, type of test and or brand to find which all season tires performed the BEST in each situation. Click on the thumbnail image to watch the test summary video for that top performing tire.


Seasonal Tire Switch

When the temperatures are consistently above 7º C, it is time to switch your winter tires to all season tires. The softer rubber compound used in winter tires will wear down more rapidly and reduce the tire's life expectancy if used in higher temperatures.

By storing your winter tires over the spring and summer, you can ensure that you get several seasons out of them. To learn more about tire storage solutions, visit your local Canadian Tire store.

Check Brakes, Shocks and Struts

Winter grime and road salt are tough on the mechanics of your brakes and potholes can wreak havoc on your suspension system. Be sure to have your brakes, shocks and struts checked when you switch your tires.

Choose the Right Tires

For optimal handling and superior wet & dry performance, choose a tire that fits your budget and vehicle. Start by choosing your vehicle here.

Why buy at
Canadian Tire?

Tires have been our expertise for 90 years. And in addition to knowing our tires, we also know and anticipate the needs of Canadians.