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Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3

$407.97 * (each)

Product #: 2081002 Manufacturer Part #: 69776

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Quick Specs:


  • Delivers a smooth touring ride with efficient wet braking and controlled manoeuvres in wintery conditions.
  • 3-D StabiliGrip Technology provide better acceleration and handling characteristics in snow.
  • Exceptional handling in cold weather driving conditions is provided by an asymmetric tread design and 3-D Variable Thickness Sipes Technology (VTS), with ride sipes on the inside providing traction in the snow and narrower sipes on the outside providing handling in the dry conditions.
  • Biting Edges have been increased by 26%, which results in improved control in cold weather conditions.
  • Helio Compound™ allows for stopping distances of up to 2.8 meters shorter than its predeccessor on wet road surfaces, which also provides increased traction in low temperature for better overall performance.

  • Note: It is Canadian Tire's policy to only install winter tires in sets of four. Using dissimilar tires on your vehicle can lead to reductions in handling performance and overall stability of your vehicle. Installing a complete set of winter tires maximizes the safety of your vehicle by ensuring all four corners of the vehicle have consistent traction, and that the full benefits of ABS or traction control systems will be maintained. For these reasons, Transport Canada as well as all major tire manufacturers strongly recommend four winter tires be used on all passenger vehicles. In Quebec, all passenger vehicles are required by law to have winter tires installed on all wheels during the winter season effective December 15th to March 15th.


    • Size:  245/40R19 98V
    • Speed Rating:  V
    • Load Index - Single:  NA
    • Load Index - Dual:  NA
    • Load Range:  XL
    • UTQG: NA
    • Wheel Width: 19.00 in / po
    • Wheel Width Min: 8.00 in / po
    • Wheel Width Max: 9.50 in / po
    • Sidewall Style:  BSW
    • Weight:  23.720 lb
    • Country of Origin: NA

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